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The Power of “NO”

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When one uses the word no, a barrage of insults are spewed their way. When the word no floats into the air from a mouth used to spit treachery, it’s backed with hurt. When the word no lingers throughout your mind and navigates it’s way to your heart, you are short of breath. That is simply because this two lettered word holds more power than you think.

In the words of one Dr. Maya Angelou, “You, yourself are enough”. In this day and age, millennials are faced with something greater than danger; self doubt. You question yourself everyday as to whether you made the right decision. You secretly stifle your morals and values to simply fit in. You outcast your family because they don’t love you how you need to be loved. You command yourself to participate in everything with an attachment to service. You feel that you won’t be blessed until you have done a service to more than one. You are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Breathe! Move! Stop! Go! Laugh! Cry! Meditate! You have to find your own way down a path that was created just for you. If you bring someone else down your path, will their directions lead you to your destination?

It is OK to say no in valor of yourself. You have the right to choose to do what makes your heart sing. You need peace to connect to yourself spiritually. You can choose to practice your spirituality however and whenever you want. What is for you is for you!

Be confident in your “NO” and stand firm in it’s belief. Your “NO” is just for you and your path. When you are alone and you begin to doubt that you are talented or beautiful or intelligent; make your “NO” loud and boisterous so that even you scare yourself.

It feels great to say no because I feel that I am living in my own purpose. When you say no, you are saying yes to peace.