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Are You A Good Enough Friend?

When you think of the word friend, you automatically think of the person or people who you like the most. Well, my friend, that may not be the most rational thought. What is a true friend and do you really have one?

A good friend is someone who you’ve known for years. This is because you have shared some sort of breakthrough with them. A good friend is someone who has seen you cry at your most joyous moment. A good friend celebrated with you by joining in on your tears. A good friend knows when you are struggling and can see right through your hurt and your lies. A good friend will stop what they are doing  and pick up the phone and call you just to say nothing. A good friend will make you break down in tears when you think about all that they have done for you.

That girl/guy may be your turn up friend. That’s the friend you call when you’re trying to get the hook up. That’s the friend you call when you need a favor. That’s the friend you call when you want to gossip about someone else. But is that the friend that is good enough for you?

We throw around the word “Friend” so loosely that we lose sight of what it really means. You should never feel uncomfortable in front of your friend about anything especially if they are good enough for you. You should have a friend that you can drink a glass of wine with and completely breakdown with to get the heavy burden off of your shoulders. You should have the friend that makes you question whether you are good enough to them because of their kind spirit and gentle heart. You should be the friend that reciprocates the love and joy for the accomplishments that they have reached.

Know the truth about who you allow in your space. Know the truth about who is considered your friend. Know if they are a good enough friend for you. When you come to know these things then you should be a better enough friend.

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The Power of “NO”

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When one uses the word no, a barrage of insults are spewed their way. When the word no floats into the air from a mouth used to spit treachery, it’s backed with hurt. When the word no lingers throughout your mind and navigates it’s way to your heart, you are short of breath. That is simply because this two lettered word holds more power than you think.

In the words of one Dr. Maya Angelou, “You, yourself are enough”. In this day and age, millennials are faced with something greater than danger; self doubt. You question yourself everyday as to whether you made the right decision. You secretly stifle your morals and values to simply fit in. You outcast your family because they don’t love you how you need to be loved. You command yourself to participate in everything with an attachment to service. You feel that you won’t be blessed until you have done a service to more than one. You are putting unnecessary pressure on yourself.

Breathe! Move! Stop! Go! Laugh! Cry! Meditate! You have to find your own way down a path that was created just for you. If you bring someone else down your path, will their directions lead you to your destination?

It is OK to say no in valor of yourself. You have the right to choose to do what makes your heart sing. You need peace to connect to yourself spiritually. You can choose to practice your spirituality however and whenever you want. What is for you is for you!

Be confident in your “NO” and stand firm in it’s belief. Your “NO” is just for you and your path. When you are alone and you begin to doubt that you are talented or beautiful or intelligent; make your “NO” loud and boisterous so that even you scare yourself.

It feels great to say no because I feel that I am living in my own purpose. When you say no, you are saying yes to peace.

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7 Simple Ways to Date Your Mate Without Breaking Your Pockets

Dating has become a foreign policy, almost. You have to form peace treaties and come to an agreement and an assorted list of other things. There are always factors preventing you from simply showing your mate that you care. Millennials are so focused on material things and looks that they forget how to date. They forget how to simplify a relationship and make things less complicated.

Girls don’t want much and guys require even less. So, why is dating extremely complicated? A girl want’s to feel appreciated and a guy wants to feel needed. Here are seven simple ways to date your mate while spending little to no money at all.

  1. Have a picnic at the beach! (Make a sandwich and bring some fruit and wine)
  2. Netflix and Chill! (Order a pizza and break out the beer)
  3. Groupon any and everything! (This is a no-brainer)
  4. Ice Cream and things! (Get a scoop and window shop in your favorite part of town)
  5. Be a good sport! (Hit the park and play both of your favorite sports)
  6. Tour your town! (Hop on the train and sight see through your city)
  7. Game night! (A board game, a few drinks and it’s light out)

The are dating ideas that are beneficial for the guy and the girl. Hopefully everyone is satisfied and you don’t even have to break your pockets. Be creative and think outside of the box. Think about whether you’re bringing your last relationship into your new one. If you are, think about if you’re exuding the same behavior. Be aware of these things and remember that everyone is different and so is every relationship.

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“Dear Dad” Monolouge

Kerry- 18 y/o male of mixed descent, sits at his desk in his dorm room and pens a letter to his dad.

Dear Mom, (Rips paper out of notebook and balls it up)


Dear Dad,

Not to long ago you asked me why I no longer speak to you. I remember seeing you with this guy. I remember seeing him move his lips. I remember seeing you punch him in the chest. Then I heard what you told him. You called him scum and you spit in his face. I wanted so badly to know what this guy had said to make you disappear and have this stranger appear. What did this normal looking guy or……just human being say to you to turn you into a monster? Huh, Dad? I remember running into this guy and he remembered me. I asked him what went wrong! What did he say to you! He said: Dear Dad, I’m gay! And when I told you this, you called me scum and spit in my face. I don’t talk to you because all gay people are contagious and I’m afraid you will contract what I have. LOVE!

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I wish I could love

I wish my heart wasn’t chained around a fence made of steel that has rusted away

I wish I could love

I wish my heart understood what my mind was saying but all I can hear is recalculating

I wish I could feel

If only my heart could feel the constant “I love You” instead of allowing the barbed wire to cut it off

I wish I could feel

If only my heart was as big as my personality then maybe it wouldn’t be so afraid to open up

I wish I wasn’t scared

If only my heart didn’t fear safety then maybe I would have a better understanding of security

I wish I wasn’t scared

If only my heart would beat every three seconds then maybe I would believe that the third time is really a charm

I wish my heart knew

If only my heart understood that love is a four letter word and not a four step process

I wish my heart knew

If only my heart knew what your’s did


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You know that weird feeling in the pit of your stomach? The feeling that you have when you’ve done something wrong! “Why is the sky moving so fast”, paranoia feeling. Well, do you know that feeling? Further details provided below.

One day, I’m sitting in the house binge watching all three season’s of United States of Tara and the next minute I’m crying because I just wanted an anchor. I just wanted someone to hold me down.

There he was, standing at my front door, waiting to taste the rum and coke on my tongue. He grabbed me swiftly and kissed me passionately, I saw dogs peddling on scooters and Ellen Degeneres in a real dress. It was something like I had never imagined. He held the smalls of my back and caressed my neck as if he was ready to say “I Do”. I kissed him back so good that I felt him stumble. Or maybe he just lost his balance!

Then I got that feeling. The “Why is the Sahara Dessert so lonely and dry” feeling. The “Why are there no purple cats in the world” feeling, It was a feeling of complete paranoia. It was as if my gut had just fallen out of my mind. I was head over heels.

We stopped! Well, I stopped before he went to far and like a gentleman, he stopped and escorted himself out. I closed my door behind him and stood in the middle of my kitchen floor wondering why were red spots floating through the air. This weird thing that had suddenly taken over me, that made me feel zombie like, or vampire in love was actually love. I had the best face sucking contest with this MAN and he made me fall in love with his kiss.

I was stuck! Stuck in the middle of my floor! Stuck in love!