Dating has become a foreign policy, almost. You have to form peace treaties and come to an agreement and an assorted list of other things. There are always factors preventing you from simply showing your mate that you care. Millennials are so focused on material things and looks that they forget how to date. They forget how to simplify a relationship and make things less complicated.

Girls don’t want much and guys require even less. So, why is dating extremely complicated? A girl want’s to feel appreciated and a guy wants to feel needed. Here are seven simple ways to date your mate while spending little to no money at all.

  1. Have a picnic at the beach! (Make a sandwich and bring some fruit and wine)
  2. Netflix and Chill! (Order a pizza and break out the beer)
  3. Groupon any and everything! (This is a no-brainer)
  4. Ice Cream and things! (Get a scoop and window shop in your favorite part of town)
  5. Be a good sport! (Hit the park and play both of your favorite sports)
  6. Tour your town! (Hop on the train and sight see through your city)
  7. Game night! (A board game, a few drinks and it’s light out)

The are dating ideas that are beneficial for the guy and the girl. Hopefully everyone is satisfied and you don’t even have to break your pockets. Be creative and think outside of the box. Think about whether you’re bringing your last relationship into your new one. If you are, think about if you’re exuding the same behavior. Be aware of these things and remember that everyone is different and so is every relationship.


As you all know, The Queen of Slayage, Fantasia herself, has a new album hitting the shelves. “The Definition of” hits stores on July 29, 2016 and the album tells the story of love, loss, pain and blessings. This album has everything that you would need to go forward with life. You know when you have to switch to another album to hear one specific song; well all of those songs are on this album.

Here are the top five reasons why you should buy Fantasia’s new album:

  1. On your way to work, you will catch the holy ghost.
  2. You will throw your phone at your other phone because she sounds so damn good
  3. You get an all-in-one album (Soul, R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop)
  4. This album will have you all the way in the back of your feelings
  5. Simply because it’s FANTASIA

If you’re a true Fantasia fan then you know how important her music is and you always get a good album. This time, we get a mature Fantasia who speaks to the soul and grabs your edges while doing so. Go out and buy the album, download it from Itunes or Google Play Store. Just please support this incredible artist now known as the Queen of Slayage. 


I wish I could love

I wish my heart wasn’t chained around a fence made of steel that has rusted away

I wish I could love

I wish my heart understood what my mind was saying but all I can hear is recalculating

I wish I could feel

If only my heart could feel the constant “I love You” instead of allowing the barbed wire to cut it off

I wish I could feel

If only my heart was as big as my personality then maybe it wouldn’t be so afraid to open up

I wish I wasn’t scared

If only my heart didn’t fear safety then maybe I would have a better understanding of security

I wish I wasn’t scared

If only my heart would beat every three seconds then maybe I would believe that the third time is really a charm

I wish my heart knew

If only my heart understood that love is a four letter word and not a four step process

I wish my heart knew

If only my heart knew what your’s did



Listen! Turn off everything and just listen!  What do you hear?

My silence speaks so loud that it embarrasses me. I can’t control the sudden outburst of silence. I can’t stand the belligerent rampages that silence insist on putting on.

Listen! Turn on everything and just listen! What do you hear?

My loudness is so boring. It has no life. I hear nothing but joy and happiness. The settling of loudness that enters my ears is too low. Why is loud so low? I can’t hear! Turn it up, please!

Listen! Just sit where you are and listen. What just happened to you?

The reality of my imagination just settled. I feel like I can do more but I always choose less. My mind is screaming for me to be brave but my mouth won’t open up.

Listen! Survey your surroundings! What did you observe?My goals have been conversing with me as I continuously ignore them. I have been a terrible pursuer. I sit and stare at my goals daily, failing to reach them, not realizing because my mirror reflects differently.

Listen! Just listen! How do you listen? What are you listening to? When do you listen?

Silence sickens me because it’s so loud. I have no choice however but to listen.

via The Truth.