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Throwback to DVSN

This week in musical discoveries, I stumbled upon the album “Morning After” by the group “DVSN”. I honestly first heard of the group early last year when I heard one of their songs on the radio. It sounded like real music. I was an instant fan! 

With melodic ballads that will heighten your senses and simply enlighten you, "Morning After" feeds the soul. The first single on the album, "Run Away", puts you in a trance as you imagine yourself running through an open field of lilies and soaking up the freedom of you. The song "Think About Me" fills you with thought and goes great with a cocktail. 

"P.O.V." gives you throwback glory (Maxwell) wrapped in sensuousness. DVSN manages to keep your attention throughout the entire album, not needing to skip any song. 

Do yourself a favor and add "Morning After" by DVSN to your rotation. 
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If you have not already done so then please do yourself a favor and listen to India Arie’s new album, “Worthy”. She is back! Being a big India Arie fan myself, I can truly say that I am in no way, shape, or form disappointed. The India Arie that we truly know is simply back.

With her eight studio album, “Worthy” describes a life of purpose after finding love within one’s self. India seeps into our minds with tracks such as “Rollercoaster” in which she details the current state of our government and war on black people. She gives us a soulful ballad with “Steady Love“. It takes us back to real music with meaning and substance.

Her debut single from this album is “Magic” in which a video was also released. Magic, in comparison, is our updated version of “The Truth”. This song details her love of a man whose spirituality and mentality connects so deep with her, it wows her like magic. The video, starring Lyric Bennet, gives us the feels as it portrays what it’s like to simply be in the truest form of love.

This is an album that you can play straight through with skipping a song. It’s an album of love, compassion, lesson, and deep thought. It’s an album that teaches us to love ourselves first and to understand that we are worthy. It’s an album that touches our spirits and makes our souls speak out. This is an India Arie album.

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Five Reasons You Should Buy Fantasia’s New Album

As you all know, The Queen of Slayage, Fantasia herself, has a new album hitting the shelves. “The Definition of” hits stores on July 29, 2016 and the album tells the story of love, loss, pain and blessings. This album has everything that you would need to go forward with life. You know when you have to switch to another album to hear one specific song; well all of those songs are on this album.

Here are the top five reasons why you should buy Fantasia’s new album:

  1. On your way to work, you will catch the holy ghost.
  2. You will throw your phone at your other phone because she sounds so damn good
  3. You get an all-in-one album (Soul, R&B, Gospel, Hip Hop)
  4. This album will have you all the way in the back of your feelings
  5. Simply because it’s FANTASIA

If you’re a true Fantasia fan then you know how important her music is and you always get a good album. This time, we get a mature Fantasia who speaks to the soul and grabs your edges while doing so. Go out and buy the album, download it from Itunes or Google Play Store. Just please support this incredible artist now known as the Queen of Slayage. 


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No Gray Area

Encounter’s with great people happen often but with music, it’s rare. Macy Gray has provided all musicians with a “How To” album. Her newest release “The Way” leads us straight to happiness. This is an all the way through album. You don’t have to skip yet you may find yourself constantly pressing repeat. Although the album was released in 2014, I’m just here to help most of you outdated bystander’s play catch up. If you want to hear good music then navigate elsewhere. However, if you want to listen to great music, then your train stops here. My favorite track is “Bang Bang”. Once you hear it, you will know why lol. “The Way” is available on iTunes, Google Play Music, or in a store near you. Support great music and pick up a copy of “The Way”.

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Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Once in a while you come across great music. I am a music lover and I listen to just about everything. I came across Marsha Ambrosius’ album “Friends and Lovers” by searching for new music through google. I decided to give the album a listen and to my surprise, not really, the album turned out to be epic. If you are looking for sex, love, and passion in a bag then refer to this album here. Ladies, if you are a complete mess in your personal and sex life then this album is for you. Give it a listen and learn that you’re not the only fuck up. Marsha