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My Advice Is Free But My Peace Is Not

There is usually the friend in the group who is the peacemaker. That friend usually gives out great advice for the best interest of his/her friends. That person also is usually the one who never feels truly comfortable enough with any one friend to confide in. That person is overwhelmed and underserved.

Peace in the form of solidarity comes at a price. Sometimes, that job, or the extra volunteer work takes a toll on you. That relationship has completely broken you from the inside out. The children have completely drained any lasting energy that you were secretly hanging on to. Now, here comes those friends or that one person who has no common knowledge that you’re hanging on by a thread. They throw their baggage onto you expecting you to resolve a top tiered leveled crisis of theirs. Even though you have expressed your own crises and how you simply need time to heal, they expect you to put their issues first.

Your peace is not free! It comes at a cost. If you are the go to person who seemingly always have the answers, it’s at a higher cost. You have to sacrifice, multi-task, compromise, and god knows what else. You end up paying for your own peace. It is not your job to fix everyone or everything. You are not responsible for someone else’s happiness. You are responsible for your own sanity. You can’t be at peace if you’re still paying for someone else’s.

It’s more than ok to choose your own peace over everything else. You don’t have all of the answers and that’s ok. You are not GOOGLE and sometimes google doesn’t even have the answers. What does your peace look like? What does it sound like? Who does it include? How does it make you feel?

What I know for sure is that my peace is more important than your demands!


I'm a native of Chicago, IL and I currently reside here. I graduated from Jackson State University with my B.S. in Criminal Justice and I received my MBA from American Intercontinental University. I'm also an actress, writer, director and a blogger.

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