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Why Your Relationship Sucks but You Won’t Admit It

Apparently, true love no longer exist but rather something as simple as “Relationship goals”. No longer are the days of wowing your spouse with your personality and genuine heart. It has now resulted to great looking pictures that gives off the image of a perfect relationship. SAVE THAT BULL FOR SOMEONE ELSE!

Images can prove to be false and so is many of today’s relationships. Here are a few reason’s why your relationship sucks but you won’t admit it.

  1. Your boyfriend has no money but he always looks good.
  2. Your girlfriend has one too many kids.
  3. You look good in pictures but secretly want to break up
  4. There is only one bread winner in the relationship and you’re tired of paying for everything.
  5. There is only one car in the relationship and only you pay the damn car note.
  6. Your spouse has not taken you out on a real date in three months.
  7. You really can’t deal with the baby mama/daddy issues although you thought you could.
  8. His/Her lack of stability has turned you completely off.
  9. You’re pretty much celibate in your relationship because you would rather have sex with someone else.

Anything here sound way to familiar for your own good? The big question is “Why won’t you admit it”. The answer is very simple. It’s because you have not admitted it out loud. Of course you don’t want others to judge you and think your picture perfect relationship is not…..perfect. Really! You told yourself that you had grown and you would not be petty and give him/her a real chance. Bump that! Chance up! I’m tired! I quit! How long is this going to take? Why don’t you have a real job yet? Do I have to pay for our next date?

People often say dating is hard. I say being with someone who you “Love” but can do nothing for you is much harder. You tell me if I’m wrong.


I'm a native of Chicago, IL and I currently reside here. I graduated from Jackson State University with my B.S. in Criminal Justice and I received my MBA from American Intercontinental University. I'm also an actress, writer, director and a blogger.

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