Can Men and Women Be Friends?

They can but I think for the true friendships there is still a hidden physical attraction. People just respect their friendships too much to go there.

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Often times, a conversation on this topic escalates into a full fledged argument. Can men and women be friends? There are a million different answers to this question but what is the real truth? Men and women can be circmstancial friends! I would more than likely check the “Other” box.

Looking througout my little black book of male friends, I have realized that I don’t really have any that have not resorted to some kind of sexual situation. Whether it was a friend that I kissed, or someone who professed his like for me, or someone that I have actually had sex with; the male friendship for me has not particullary worked out.

Is there a difference if you have gay male friends? Some would argue that there is because “Gay men are not attracted to women” so that makes the friendship real. That’s not my opinion but the opinion…

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