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My Name is _________ and I’m an Addict!

Every other person that I know is addicted to social media and does not even recognize that they are. There are hundreds of different social media sites and people have on average five different social media accounts. I hate going out with my friends simply because they no longer know how to have real fun. Every second of every minute is spent with their faces buried in their phones, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. No one knows how to have a conversation, so it’s pure silence at the table. Instead, everyone is pulling out their phones, wanting to make videos of nothingness and take terrible pictures.

I asked 26 of my friends if they could honestly give up their phones for one day and only 5 answered yes. ONE DAY! Some people can barely go one hour without logging on to one of their social media accounts. IT’S EVERYWHERE!Addiction

I have been to concerts, stage plays, church, comedy shows, graduations, and to the movie theater. I have also seen people logged on to social media sites at any given times during all of these outings. Why are you scrolling through Facebook while in the Movie Theater? You just spent $15 on a 3-D movie to actually read someone else’s status on Facebook for 2 ½ hours. That sounds like an issue/addiction to me.

Here’s a test: Only use your phone if someone calls or texts you. Otherwise do not use any internet. If you feel yourself wanting to touch your phone, log on to Instagram, make a funny video for Vine, or read a stranger’s Facebook status, then you have a problem. It’s called “I’m addicted to social media and I really like the attention that I get”. Put a group of people in a room and take away all technology. What do you get? Silence! Those same people are probably thinking about what’s going on in social media land and what are they missing. Social Media is a new drug! Everyone is itching and scratching to log on.


I'm a native of Chicago, IL and I currently reside here. I graduated from Jackson State University with my B.S. in Criminal Justice and I received my MBA from American Intercontinental University. I'm also an actress, writer, director and a blogger.

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