The Truth


Listen! Turn off everything and just listen!  What do you hear?

My silence speaks so loud that it embarrasses me. I can’t control the sudden outburst of silence. I can’t stand the belligerent rampages that silence insist on putting on.

Listen! Turn on everything and just listen! What do you hear?

My loudness is so boring. It has no life. I hear nothing but joy and happiness. The settling of loudness that enters my ears is too low. Why is loud so low? I can’t hear! Turn it up, please!

Listen! Just sit where you are and listen. What just happened to you?

The reality of my imagination just settled. I feel like I can do more but I always choose less. My mind is screaming for me to be brave but my mouth won’t open up.

Listen! Survey your surroundings! What did you observe?My goals have been conversing with me as I continuously ignore them. I have been a terrible pursuer. I sit and stare at my goals daily, failing to reach them, not realizing because my mirror reflects differently.

Listen! Just listen! How do you listen? What are you listening to? When do you listen?

Silence sickens me because it’s so loud. I have no choice however but to listen.

via The Truth.


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