My Advice Is Free But My Peace Is Not

There is usually the friend in the group who is the peacemaker. That friend usually gives out great advice for the best interest of his/her friends. That person also is usually the one who never feels truly comfortable enough with any one friend to confide in. That person is overwhelmed and underserved.

Peace in the form of solidarity comes at a price. Sometimes, that job, or the extra volunteer work takes a toll on you. That relationship has completely broken you from the inside out. The children have completely drained any lasting energy that you were secretly hanging on to. Now, here comes those friends or that one person who has no common knowledge that you’re hanging on by a thread. They throw their baggage onto you expecting you to resolve a top tiered leveled crisis of theirs. Even though you have expressed your own crises and how you simply need time to heal, they expect you to put their issues first.

Your peace is not free! It comes at a cost. If you are the go to person who seemingly always have the answers, it’s at a higher cost. You have to sacrifice, multi-task, compromise, and god knows what else. You end up paying for your own peace. It is not your job to fix everyone or everything. You are not responsible for someone else’s happiness. You are responsible for your own sanity. You can’t be at peace if you’re still paying for someone else’s.

It’s more than ok to choose your own peace over everything else. You don’t have all of the answers and that’s ok. You are not GOOGLE and sometimes google doesn’t even have the answers. What does your peace look like? What does it sound like? Who does it include? How does it make you feel?

What I know for sure is that my peace is more important than your demands!


If you have not already done so then please do yourself a favor and listen to India Arie’s new album, “Worthy”. She is back! Being a big India Arie fan myself, I can truly say that I am in no way, shape, or form disappointed. The India Arie that we truly know is simply back.

With her eight studio album, “Worthy” describes a life of purpose after finding love within one’s self. India seeps into our minds with tracks such as “Rollercoaster” in which she details the current state of our government and war on black people. She gives us a soulful ballad with “Steady Love“. It takes us back to real music with meaning and substance.

Her debut single from this album is “Magic” in which a video was also released. Magic, in comparison, is our updated version of “The Truth”. This song details her love of a man whose spirituality and mentality connects so deep with her, it wows her like magic. The video, starring Lyric Bennet, gives us the feels as it portrays what it’s like to simply be in the truest form of love.

This is an album that you can play straight through with skipping a song. It’s an album of love, compassion, lesson, and deep thought. It’s an album that teaches us to love ourselves first and to understand that we are worthy. It’s an album that touches our spirits and makes our souls speak out. This is an India Arie album.

I’m Not Better Than You! I’ve Outgrown You!

Growth is inevitable and some people won’t be able to understand that. You don’t have to explain to someone why you no longer desire to stoop to their level of being. You have simply experienced the spirit of growth. What you used to love is now something that you can barely tolerate. Don’t doubt that you’ve grown.

You will definitely be called lame, old, boring, or different. You might find yourself sitting alone on your couch trying to figure out if you did something wrong. You might feel guilty about no speaking about your feelings out loud to that particular group of people or person. You owe no explanation other than, “I’ve outgrown you”.

It’s not something to be afraid of. Activities that used to highly entertain you now feel like a chore or obligation. You would rather stay home, cook, and catch up on some of your favorite shows. You now actually would rather just chill at your best friends house and have pizza and beer. That’s your new type of entertainment.

There are certain people that you don’t like being around anymore. They drain all of your energy. They make you feel parental with all of their burdens that they place on you. You feel incompetent at times because of how they choose to speak to you or how they never own up to anything. You’re not better than them. You have simply outgrown them. Your tolerance for ignorance and susceptibility has depleted. The energy that you have now is something that you must preserve.

If you find yourself always questioning your decisions when “That person or those people” are around then it’s time to move on from them. You don’t even question yourself that much. Have you realized that you have been more of the stable friend versus the other way around? Can you depend on that person as much as they depend on you? Will they show up for you as much as you show up for them?

You are not meant to stay stagnant all of your life. Growth is the next step on your journey of finding your inner and outer peace. Accepting that some people will not continue on that journey with you is going to be difficult. If you love yourself then you will find the strength and courage to move on.

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Help Is On The Way

It’s a new year which means that you should be working to renew your outlook on life. Those daily struggles that seem to follow you around don’t have to be the downfall of you. Do you know that getting help or retaining counseling is perfectly fine. Don’t ever let yourself get to the point where you just absolutely want to give in and give up. Help is on the way. Check out my trailer on my upcoming short film “SPACE” that details the struggles of a therapist battling with her own mental health issues.

A Lack of Everything

On the season two opener of my podcast, I had a in depth conversation with my ex-boyfriend about why our relationship ended. The conversation was insightful at times and unnerving during others. All in all, I learned something new about myself during that conversation. The lesson was to “Listen to Understand” and not to respond.

I don’t know too many people, friends or family, who can truly attest to the fact that they listen in this way. If you’re too quiet of a person, then people perceive you as sneaky. If you’re too loud of a person, then people perceive you as aggressive and overbearing. Either way, you’re being perceived as something that you might not even be. Those people never listened to understand who you are.

What I discovered about my listening skills is that I too often listened to judge. I was usually right in every situation or so I told myself. I already had an attitude and had mapped out everything that I would say during a disagreement. I was not listening with my heart and mind, yet with my ears and mouth. I was listening to prove a point! A point that was not even factual.

Our relationship ended for one simple reason. There was a lack of everything. A lack of listening, compromise, understanding, love, connection, etc. Just because he/she/they make you laugh does not mean that it’s meant to be. It could simply mean that the person is funny. THAT’S IT!

In order to truly listen to understand someone, you have to possess empathy and sympathy and place everything you know in a separate bag. Grab a new bag and place all of the new and fresh information in it. Then, use your empathy and sympathy to dissect what you heard and you will be able to understand it differently. I know I did! I learned something about our relationship that I never would have known.

We Got Married Because It Was The Right Thing To Do

Love is in the air and people are breathing it all in. Or maybe that was just a thought of mine! More and more, I’m beginning to see that a lot of millennials are getting married. The pictures seem to prove a thousand different words with images that appear to capture the pure essence of love. That or either it’s simply just a picture.

On three separate occasions, I have been informed of the truth of what looked like a “Happy” marriage. This time, it’s the men that are proving to be unhappy. When asked why they went through with the marriage, each man responded by saying that “He thought it was the right thing to do”. All under thirty, each man admitted to feeling miserable in his marriage.

Each guy said he felt pressured by his or her family to go through with the wedding. He didn’t want to disappoint anyone. Neither man ever thought about whether or not he was disappointing himself. Going into a marriage based on pleasing others can lead to a destructive union.

When I think of marriage, I genuinely think about the rest of my life. I imagine myself to live until I’m ninety-nine years old. I visualize myself resting in a hammock near a great body of water at the age of fifty. I know for a fact that I will take my retirement money and cruise around the world. When it comes to marriage, I simply want to do all of these things with someone who satisfies my soul.

I was also told that marriage was a business. Although I’m not married, marriage should not be a business. If you enter into a marriage with that concept then that’s how it will turn out. Sometimes, businesses fail and you don’t always want to resurrect them. You might have a new idea and move on to it. Is that how you’re going to treat your marriage?

When marrying someone else becomes the “Right thing to do”, it becomes the wrong life to live. What happens when you’re no longer physically or emotionally attracted to your partner? You stay and then what? You live in misery and then what? You fall into a deep depression and then what? You lose yourself and you believe that love does not exist.

Before you propose, because it’s the right thing to do, think about the rest of your life. How long do you see yourself living? What are your plans for when you turn sixty-five? Do you truly want to spend that time with the person that you’re either married to or plan on proposing to? If you’re in a marriage now because it was the right thing to do, are you happy? Have you ever been?

It’s OK to admit the truth to yourself. That’s where you have to begin. It’s OK if things don’t work out. That’s you taking steps towards your own happiness. It’s OK for you to do what’s right for you. That’s living your best life! 

What is the right thing to do? Societal pressures and familial traditions! Often times, we think that following in the foot steps of family or proving to be better than someone else is what’s right. Only you can determine what’s right for YOU because YOU know yourself better than anyone else. What feels right to you? When you figure it out then you will understand that that’s the right thing to do.

He’s Nice! I’m Still Not Interested!

There is a true complex when it comes to dating. There are the issues of communication, honesty, faithfulness, etc. Sometimes, you have all of these things and yet something still feels as if it is missing. That something is usually a real connection.

Inclusive of myself, the struggle with dating the nice guy is that there is usually a lack of connection. This is not to blame on the guy or girl but rather an issue that is self-reflective. Sometimes, you simply know what and who you are looking for. All of the time, you should know what you are attracted to.

Turning away the nice guy can seem very trivial to most because that is usually the guy who meets all of the criteria on your checklist. Your closest friends and family may even begin to judge you for your lack of consideration and letting go of a “Good Man”. However, you are the only person who truly know’s what it is that makes you happy and you will know when you feel it.

The nice guy pays for all of the dates, he picks you up, he sends flowers to your job and he is very respectful to you at all times. He plans ahead, he makes himself available when you need help and even wants to be the person you call first during trying times. It sounds perfect, except for the part where you simply don’t connect with him emotionally or physically. What do you do?

So many people force themselves into relationships because of the materialistic offerings. Also, so many people are miserable in these same relationships because they never really truly connected with their partner.

Don’t feel like you’re broken if you continue to date but usually are not interested in any of them. You’re not broken, you’re unique! You are one of the few people who really know what love is because you feel it before you see it.

Don’t settle for the guy because he is nice! Wait for your love! There is no telling how long the wait might be but when you feel it, everything is brighter. I’ve figured this out about myself. I’ve been on plenty of dates within the last eight months and not once have I felt connected to any of them. I thought something was wrong with me at first but I realized that I’m just a rare commodity.

I do not enter relationships based on what I see but rather what I feel. When I feel it, I will know.

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